WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera, 2160P Full HD Smart Rearview Mirror for Cars & Trucks, Front and Rear View Dual Cameras, Night Vision, Parking Assistance, Free 32GB Card & GPS

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Product Description

mirror dash cammirror dash cam


Warm Tips:

1. According to market research and customer needs, we have upgraded the G840S to 4K image quality since December 1, 2022.

2. Please check the functionality of the dash cam with its all accessories before installation.

3. The length of the rear camera original cable is 20 feet, suitable for most types of cars. We also have 33 feet(ASIN: B082RZNJFY) and 50feet(Asin: B0814ZHHST) rear camera extension cables sold separately.

4. When using the parking monitoring function, please select the [time-lapse] recording mode. Otherwise, the driving recorder will quickly drain your car battery.

5. Please format micro SD card termly in case of locked videos occupied much capacity, release them necessarily.

6. Please use original accessories provided in the package, just in case of compatible issues after using others’.

7. If you use a micro SD card capacity > 32GB, Please change the micro SD card〔Class10 ( 10MB / sec ) required〕 format to FAT 32 on the mirror camera ( a 32GB card is included in the package ).

8. Please confirm whether your cigar power port is ACC. (if the cigarette lighter is still charged after the car is turned off, please use the hardwire kit or unplug the car charger after the car is turned off, otherwise it may exhaust your car’s power supply. ) (Note: This happens in some Ford/Audi cars, and electric cars).

9. New upgrade–Type-C power supply, if you need a hardwire kit, Asin: B09X1L1GMX/B0BBLCCQ2B


1. How to find the video recorded by the rear camera?

In the lower-left corner of the video viewing interface, there is a [car-shaped icon]. Click this icon to switch the video interface of the front and rear cameras.

2. When the car is turned on, why can’t it turn on automatically? / Why keep shutting down and restarting?

Please use our original car charger cable, otherwise, some problems will occur.

3. Why is GPS not working?

The vehicle must be within a wide range to receive the signal. If it is still not received in a wide area, we will send a new one.

4. Where can I get a GPS player?

Please insert the GPS and SD Card into the dash cam, after restarting the machine, you can see a GPS_Player.txt with the latest GPS Player on the SD card. Note: Please follow the link on the SD Card.

5. Why can’t my time be saved?

Please set [Timezone] when using GPS, instead of [Clock Settings].

Note: For more usage questions or accessories needed, please check the manual and FAQ PDF.

mirror dash cammirror dash cam

32GB SD Card32GB SD Card Support 128 GB Max(32GB TF Card is included)

What’s in the box:

4K Mirror Dash Cam 1080P Backup Camera with screws and 3M tape External GPS antenna 32GB TF Card(in the card slot) 11 feet Car Charger 20 feet Cable for Rear Camera Rubber Straps for fixing front camera User Manual & FAQ


New upgrade — Type-C interface power supply

We have upgraded the front lens with 4K resolution and used a bigger IPS touch screen to improve the user experience. G840S Stream Media DashCam will display the rear image automatically on the full screen when you start the car. The rear image is 1.5 times larger than the ordinary rearview mirror. A clearer image can be seen behind the car synchronously with a rare blind spot. Whether you need to record certain driving moments or keep an eye on the car, G840S is here to help.

Other Separate Accessories(Not Included in Package): Reverse Rear Camera License Plate Bracket (Asin: B09J7VXQ2T) Type-C Hardwire Kit for G840S(Asin: B09X1L1GMX) Muti-Size Connector Hardwire Kit for G840S(Asin: B09X9F8GMT) 33Feet Rear Camera Extension Cord Cable(Asin: B082RZNJFY) Long Mounting Straps(Asin: B09NBCQQGC) Upgraded WDR Rear Camera(Asin: B09KRM9QQ5)

dash cam mirrordash cam mirror


24 hour parking monitor24 hour parking monitor

Enhanced Night Vision

Equipped with advanced Analogy High Definition (AHD technology ), the 4K front and backup camera can automatically balance the light and dark areas of the video to give you a better night vision experience.

WDR Technology

Suitable for situations like low light or backlight, WDR can restore the true colors of objects to the greatest extent. WDR can show a fully balanced exposure, with the ability to compensate for light and dark spots of the frame in one shot.

If you want better night effects, we have an upgraded WDR rear camera (Asin: B09KRM9QQ5).

24H Parking Monitor

Turn on the parking mode, the cam will come to start recording once the camera detects shocks or attacks. The car camera supports 24 hours parking monitor with time-lapse mode, please use WOLFBOX hardwire kit (Asin: B09X1L1GMX or B09X9F8GMT).


Loop RecordingLoop Recording

GPS PlayerGPS Player


When the built-in G-sensor of the dash camera recorder senses emergency shock or collision, the video files will be locked and stored automatically, ensuring your most important footage is kept protected.

Loop Recording

The rearview mirror dash cam supports manual trigger or automatic emergency recording with a built-in G-Sensor. When the storage space is full, the front and rear dash cam will automatically overwrite the earliest videos segment with new files. With Loop Recording enabled, you never have to worry about purchasing additional cards when capacity is full.

GPS Tracking & Two Channel Video Simulcast

GPS records the precise speed, direction, longitude, and latitude data while driving.

An external GPS logger will help to get all information while playback the recorded videos on a computer.

Also, you can play both front and rear videos on the dedicated GPS player.

After inserting the GPS and SD card, then restarting the dash camera, there will be GPS_Player.txt on the SD card with the latest download link inside.

mirror dash cammirror dash cam

Does the mirror dashcam only record front camera video?

G840S saves front and rear videos, if you want to view the previously recorded video, just need to click the playback icon on the home screen to enter the playback interface.

In the lower-left corner of the video viewing interface, there is a [car-shaped icon]. Click this icon to switch the video interface of the front and rear cameras.

mirror dash cammirror dash cam

How to filp/mirror the rear camera image?

If you want to install the rear camera to pickup, SUV, or even on the top roof more conveniently, please adjust the “Upside Down of Rear Camera” and “Mirror Flip of Rear Image” menu to adjust the rear image vertically or horizontally. You can adjust the rear image according to your actual installation place, so it can be perfectly compatible with pickups, RVs, and trucks.

dash cam mirrordash cam mirror

Rear Camera not detected?

Before installation, please turn on the power to see if the front and rear cameras are working.

If the rear camera cannot be detected, please check the AV connector and 4 pin connector first(4 pin connector may be loose, you can tighten it and reconnect it) and reconnect the AV connector to check whether the rearview camera can be detected. If still doesn’t work, please tell us. Thank you!

rearview mirror camerarearview mirror camera


We have made a detailed FAQ PDF to help customers solve problems during use.

Please view the FAQ PDF electronic version under “Product guides and documents”;

Or you can go directly to the paper FAQ (in the package)

mirror dash cammirror dash cam

How to browse rear camera video?

mirror dash cammirror dash cam

Perfectly Compatible with Pickups, RVs, and Trucks

dash cam mirrordash cam mirror

Rear Camera not detected?

rearview mirror camerarearview mirror camera

Help You Sove More Problem!

G840S[Upgrade to 4K] G850 G900[Highest Resolution] G840H T10 Plus G880

4K(F)+1080P(R) 4K(F)+1080P(R) 4K(F)+2.5K(R) 2.5K(F)+1080P(R) 2.5K(F)+1080P(R) 1080P(F)+1080P(R)+720P(I)

Screen Size
12” 12” 12” 12″ 10” 12”


Free SD Card Included

Capacity of the Free SD Card
32GB 32GB 32GB 32GB 32GB 32GB

11.97 × 2.8 × 0.68 11.89 × 2.8 × 0.67 11.89 × 2.8 × 0.67 11.89 × 2.8 × 0.67 9.69 × 2.55 × 0.67 11.4 × 2.8 × 0.68

0.81 0.83 0.83 0.83 0.78 0.86

Recommended SD Card
32GB~128GB, Class 10 32GB~128GB, Class 10 32GB~128GB, Class 10 32GB~128GB, Class 10 32GB~128GB, Class 10 32GB~128GB, Class 10

12” LARGER SCREEN & BROAD VIEW – Upgraded from most rearview mirror cameras, WOLFBOX 170° front, and 140° rear lens provide an ultra-wide view, minimizing the blind spots for safe driving/reversing. With the smart screen split function, you can observe a dual-lens display simultaneously. With a 2.5D curved screen, the body is more smooth and more suitable for the curvature of the human retina. Its OEM looking makes the mirror camera perfectly integrate with the existing mirror.
CLEAR IMAGE & ENHANCED NIGHT VISION – With a built-in high-quality chip, the WOLFBOX mirror camera records 4K front and 1080P rear videos. The mirror dash camera applied an upgraded low-reflectivity LCD to reduce reflection during the day. With incorporated WDR&HDR tech balancing the lights, and the help of a starvis sensor and 6-glass lens to capture higher quality images, driving at night or in any challenging lighting situations should be more effortless.
GPS TRACKING ALL THE TIME – With the external GPS antenna plugged in, you can view the GPS info on display while on the wheel. Playback recorded videos on GPS Player, not only can you check the double channel videos on one screen, but also accurately trace back all the GPS metrics.
24H PRECISE PARKING MONITOR – Aside from loop recording for safe driving, your car will still be in safe hands after being parked. The time-lapse mode is there to monitor at very low fps which saves power and capacity while having everything recorded.
NEW UPGRADE, TYPE-C POWER SUPPLY – To make the use process more stable, the G840S Mirror Camera has been fully upgraded from Mini-USB to a Type-C socket, which can largely avoid restarting, high-temperature deformation, and so on. (if you need a hardwire kit, please buy a dedicated Type-C hardwire kit. Asin: B09X1L1GMX)
More SMART FUNCTIONS – ①Streaming Media Rearview; ②Upside down of rear view ③Mirror Flip of Rear Image; ④G-Sensor; ⑤Loop Recording; ⑦Adjustable Display View Angle, etc

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